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Alexey Solomanidin has been leading an outstanding investigation in regards to organized criminal group producing counterfeit oils

Dear Bob,
I would like to nominate Alexey Solomanidin as a recipient of the Investigator of the year award. Alexey has been leading an outstanding investigation that lasted more than one year in regards to organized criminal group producing counterfeit oils of practically all international brands in Russia including Mobil, Shell, Castrol, WD-40, etc. As a result of the investigation Vlasta company headed by Alexey managed to locate the illegal factories where production of fakes was organized within industrial character. The turnover of those factories exceeded $250 Million per year. The most interesting that it was practically impossible not only for consumers but specialists of the mentioned international brands to differ fakes from genuine products. The illegal producers had their own counterintelligence service of former police officers and developed distribution net along the whole Russia. The mentioned circumstances made the investigation extremely difficult.
The investigation headed by Alexey Solomanidin lasted more than one year. All necessary evidences were gathered and passed to the police of Federal level due to the fact that infringers enjoyed support of some corrupted officials of local law enforcement.
The police operation on the results of investigation included police raids not only against the illegal factories but also covered several dozens of distribution companies. Totally police seized more than 800 thousand liters of counterfeit oil. It took several weeks to transport withdrawn fakes to the warehouse. 100 long trucks were used for transportation. The gathered during investigation solid evidences helped the court to prosecute arrested people and admit them guilty.
The reportage about the operation was shown on Federal Russian TV Channels ( https://www.1tv.ru/news/2015-12-19/5156-v_podmoskovie_presechena_deyatelnost_seti_podpolnyh_zavodov_gde_izgotavlivalsya_kontrafakt ). It was the first police operation of such scale against illegal producers and distributors in Russia. I believe that WAD Members will be proud to honor Alexey Solomanidin for his leading role in this outstanding investigation.

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