Ассоциация Российских Детективов

Правопорядок, закон, безопасность

Detective services

The Association offers:

  • help for enterprises and organizations especially by rendering scientific, methodological and information services;
  • joining on a voluntary basis efforts of economic executives and practitioners regardless their subordination and forms of ownership, developing or interested in development of detective activities;
  • creation and maintaining of automated and unified databases and rendering services necessary for more effective integration of detective activities with other branches of national economy as well as with international agencies;
  • detective services market development assistance as well as rendering the services to the users;
  • gathering and processing of criminal, commercial and other information necessary to perform statutory objectives, organization of prompt data exchange between members of the Association;
  • development of informational and commercial links between members of the Association;
  • advisory and information services to members of the Association;
  • preparation and publishing of periodical literature, reference books, training aids and materials, organization of seminars and conferences, national and international competitions relating to detective activities, focused on proficiency enhancement of specialists and promotion of scientific and practical experience in the area;
  • training and probation of specialists – members of the Association;
  • representation the interests of the Association’s members at state and public authorities and organizations.

In compliance with provisions of the Federal Law “About Private Detective and Security Activity in the Russian Federation” (FL № 2487-1 dd. March 11, 1992, last revised on July 03, 2016) detectives may assist with:

  • gathering of information on civil cases (on a contractual basis with participants of the case);
  • market analysis, data collection for business negotiations, revealing of insolvent and unreliable business associates;
  • establishment the circumstances of unlawful use of trademarks and brand names, facts of unfair competition as well as disclosure of data classified as trade secret;
  • revealing of biographic and other characterizing data of a person (with their written consent) upon their entering into employment or other contracts;
  • missing people search;
  • search of property lost by people or enterprises and companies;
  • gathering of information on criminal cases (on a contractual basis with participants of the case);
  • search of debtors in compliance with writ of execution, their property as well as search of a baby subject to writ of execution containing order of removal of a child from custody (on a contractual basis with participants of the case).


For more information please click “Regions” or you may directly contact a detective or our headquarters.

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