Ассоциация Российских Детективов

Правопорядок, закон, безопасность

ARD Mission

Our mission is to:
• Strengthen cooperation between members of the Association and coordinate their professional activities;
• Defend the rights and legitimate interests of each member, render them assistance to improve the efficiency of their activities;
• Organize cooperation between members of the Association on market situation issues;
• Coordinate actions of the members aimed at: the most sound pursuit of their activities, overhead cost reduction, reduction of operational costs level, as well as organize mutual exchange of: working at the market experience, necessary information, and etc.;
• Join forces of detectives-members of the Association to obtain objective and comprehensive information about investigation items, events and facts on the territory of the Russian Federation aimed at the most complete and qualitative execution of statutory objectives inclusive of those for the benefit of government and law enforcement authorities;
• Expand opportunities of each member to promote the rendered services beyond the limits of one’s territory (city, town, etc.) inclusive of client base increase;
• Increase prestige of a detective and image of each member of the Association due to the Association’s scope of activities expansion, as well as represent their interests not only in Russia but worldwide.

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